A frosty surprise


Driving home on Monday afternoon, I was momentarily distracted by white specks suspended in the air. It took me a moment.

“It’s snowing!” I said

“Really?!” asked Silas

“Yes, look in the air. The floating white specks. I’m pretty sure it’s snow.”

For the second time in two days I was very thankful I’d already changed to winter tyres.

I gingerly drove up the winding road to our mountain village, quickly revising the plans I’d had in mind for the afternoon. Best to stay at home for this first snowfall of the season.

Once home and out of the car, Silas and Delphine performed a snow dance on the rapidly whitening lawn. The snow fall became heavier.

We bustled into our ski gear keen to get out for a walk around our snowy village. I put tomorrow’s drive back down the mountain out of my mind, closed the door resolutely behind me and gambolled in the snow like a child.